The power of a beard growth serum: does it really work?

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Welcome back to our blog at Get Your Beard, The world’s leading brand for natural beard growth products. Today, we are diving deep into a subject that is on everyone's mind: Does beard growth serum really work? 

Beard serum - what the hell is even that?

To begin, let's tackle that first and all-important question, "What is beard serum?"


Beard serums are highly concentrated liquid products designed to target beard health and growth. Just as you would for your skin or hair, using a product that contains the right ingredients for your beard can work wonders. These serums contain potent formulations of ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and natural, active ingredients. The motive is to give your beard an extra boost, promote healthy growth and make it fuller and thicker.


Now that we know what beard serum is, let's go a step further to ask, "What does beard serum do?" Beard serums, especially our Beard Growth Serum (also known as the Activator) addresses several beard issues. First, it provides essential nutrients directly to your hair follicle, effectively enhancing beard growth. And if you combine our serum with our Beard Roller, it penetrates even deeper into the skin beneath your beard, nurturing the beard from its very root.


The Activator - more than a feeling

The main ingredient in our Beard Growth Serum is Capilia Longa, a groundbreaking ingredient that plays a significant role in promoting and stimulating beard growth. Developed using an innovative Phyto Technology platform, Capilia Longa is made from the plant Curcuma Longa, commonly known as turmeric. Now, what is a Phyto Technology platform? This technology allow for sustainable production of high-value plant-derived compounds under controlled conditions and bridges the gap between nature and science, effectively transforming the potential of plants into a scientifically-backed reality. So in essence it works like this:


  • Revitalizing Hair Follicles: The primary way Capilia Longa stimulates beard growth is by "awakening" dormant hair follicles. A majority of us have more hair follicles on our face than visible facial hair. These extra follicles may be inactive underneath your skin. Capilia Longa's unique technology brings these follicles back to activity, promoting new hair growth in the process.
  • The Growth Cycle: The secret behind Capilia Longa's power lies in its effect on the hair's life cycle, known as the hair growth cycle. Multiple studies (including our own) have shown that Capilia Longa can prolong the Anagen phase (the growth phase) of the hair follicle, while shortening the Telogen phase (the resting phase where the hair falls out). By extending the active growth phase, the hair follicles can produce longer and more robust facial hair.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Curcuma Longa, the plant from which Capilia Longa is derived, has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and irritation around hair follicles, creating a conducive environment for healthy beard growth.
  • Nutrient Supply: Capilia Longa has a unique way of delivering necessary nutrients to the hair follicles. It ensures that the follicles can absorb the nutrients effectively, fueling them to grow healthy, strong, and firm hair strands.

The Activator’s efficiency as a beard growth stimulator is based on its ability to revive dormant hair follicles, enhance the hair growth cycle, provide necessary nutrients, and protect against external damage. When combined with products like The Beard Roller, Capilia Longa is uniquely positioned to deliver an effective solution for enhanced beard growth. So, if your aim is a fuller, thicker, and healthier beard, Capilia Longa is a game-changer.

Beard Activator


Alright, but do they work?

The next question buzzing is; Does beard growth serum work? The simple answer is, Yes! However, it's important to understand that just like all good things, achieving a thicker beard doesn't happen overnight. Consistent usage along with a holistic approach to beard care is key.

A quality beard growth serum like ours combines active ingredients that nourish the facial hair and the skin beneath. It stimulates the hair follicles promoting hair growth and helping you achieve a fuller beard. Moreover, a good beard routine combats common issues faced by bearded men - beard itch, dandruff, patchiness, and skin irritation.

While beard serums do work, results may vary from person to person. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, and personal health play significant roles in determining the pace and quality of your beard growth. That said, using a beard growth serum can undoubtedly give you a considerable advantage in the game of beard grooming.


Now, you might wonder about the right process of using a beard serum for growth. Applying the serum correctly is essential for optimal results. After washing your face, apply the serum directly to the beard and the skin beneath. Gently massage it in circular motions, ensuring that the serum has completely absorbed. Remember that more isn't always better. Being highly concentrated solutions, a few drops of beard serum are usually sufficient for each use. Consistency is the key here. 

Let me get this straight

The bottom line: Our beard growth serum does work, and it works wonderfully well when used alongside other good beard practices like maintaining personal hygiene, eating a balanced diet, and combining with a derma roller. As a tried and trusted solution for patchy beard growth, beard serums could be just the missing link in your grooming routine. We've spent countless hours researching, trying, and testing our products, ensuring that what reaches you is nothing short of excellence. Beard growth and grooming is a journey, not a destination, and a good quality beard serum is, indeed, a must on this journey!


In conclusion to the question, "Does beard serum work?" our answer is a resounding "yes!" If you want a thicker, fuller, healthier beard, incorporating a beard serum into your daily regimen can work wonders. With consistent use, you will see your beard transform, grow and glow.


Remember, every beard is unique, and so is every bearded man. What works for one might take a little while longer for another. The key is patience, persistence, and trust in the process. Let the journey of grooming and growing be as enjoyable as the final destination! Keep nurturing your beard with high-quality serums, and it will reward you with a magnificent beard that is distinctly yours.

Leonardo Soto, Co-Founder

Meet Leo, one of the co-founders of Get Your Beard. His passion for men's grooming and expertise in communication have shaped the brand's ethos. Leo curates grooming solutions, writes content, and educates about the products


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