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🦁 Rock a full beard

🥓 Denser and thicker hair..

⏳ Faster growing cycle


150-Day Guarantee

Didn't sprout a ZZ Top beard in 5 months? We gotchu. 150-day money-back guarantee, no cap.

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Ingredients & Materials

Activator Serum: No nasty stuff. Made entirely from natural ingredients, such as Asian ginseng, which is considered a powerful and tonic natural aphrodisiac. Contains 100% natural, active ingredients, Biotin, Arginine, and the wonder child, Capilia Longa.

Beard Roller: The 540 titanium needles.

How Do I Grow My Beard

Sanitize your roller, fam. Gross germs = no beard gains

Roll it like you mean it. 10x back & forth, all directions.

Hit those target zones with the Activator. A few pumps, let it chill.

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  • No Harmful Ingredients

    No nasty stuff. All our products are 98-100% natural and made with the best stuff Mother Nature's got.

  • Fuller, Thicker & Denser Beard

    Patchy beard? Nah. Grow a full-on EPIC beard in just a few months.

  • +5,000 Beards Evolved

    Over 5,000+ beard bros already leveled up their facial hair game with our scientifically-engineered formula.

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Growth Guarantee

We have great confidence in our products. That means if you don't see results, you will get your money back!

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What's Inside The Kit?


    Kicks your hair game up by waking up those follicles, improving blood flow, and making sure your serums work their magic.


    Fires up new beard growth by pushing your hair follicles into active growth phase.


    Makes sure your beard roller stays clean with gentle ingredients that are safe for your skin.


    Crafted from a blend of aluminum and zinc alloy, this sturdy little dude has got your beard covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beard Basics 101

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How does The Beard Growth Kit work?

The unique 3-step process will boost your beard growth and activate dormant - "sleeping" - follicles.

The Activator Serum activates your facial hair and boosts your beard growth. The serum contains the active ingredients Capilia Longa, which has been scientifically proven to increase hair growth.

The Beard Roller maximizing serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles. The beard roller will create microscopic channels in your skin and follicles, which prompts the skin to start a natural regeneration process.

The Sanitizer is designed to clean The Beard Roller.

When you combine the serum with the beard roller, you have the best conditions to grow an impressive beard.

I have very little facial hair. Can I still use this?

Absolutely. Most of our customers have little to no facial hair at all when starting. The results from The Beard Growth Kit will continue to produce no matter where you are in your beard journey!

How often should I use the The Beard Growth kit?

The Activator should be applied once every morning. It's a leave-in Serum, meaning that you don't have to wash your face after application. Apply 2 pumps after washing your face.

We recommend using the Beard Roller 2 times a week for best results. Spray The Beard Roller with The Beard Roller Cleanser (2-3 sprays) before use. Wash The Beard Roller with warm (not boiling) water after use.

When can I expect to see results?

Most men start seeing new hairs growing after 4-8 weeks when using The Beard Growth Kit consistently.

The important thing is that you don't expect to grow a full beard overnight. It will take time to grow a fuller beard.

A beard journey differs from person to person. Everybody has their own starting point and goal.

We recommend a beard journey of 150 days to get a realistic indication of your growth potential. If you haven’t seen improved growth after 150 days, we refer to our Growth Guarantee. Furthermore, we recommend that you don’t stop your journey when you see the first gains - the vellus hairs have to become terminal.

Are there any side effects or allergens?

No side effects or allergens have been detected. All products are safe to use and approved by our cosmetic science team.

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