Money-back Guarantee

If you do not see any results, we offer you a reimbursement.

Growing a beard is a process, and doesn’t happen overnight. Beard growth may differ from person to person, as some react more effectively to the active ingredients, while others are slower gainers.

You are eligible for our Money-back Guarantee if you have used our products as recommended for 150 days in a row.


How do I claim?

We have great confidence in our Beard Growth Kit—enough confidence to offer you a Money-back Guarantee. Yep, If you don’t see any results when using the Beard Growth Kit, reimbursed.

The Money-back Guarantee can only be claimed once per customer.

Use the Beard Growth Kit as recommended for at least 150 days. (This includes not taking a break during the 150 days, and not trimming further down than 4 mm.)

Make sure to document your progress with monthly pictures.

No results? Click “Claim guarantee”, fill out the formula, and choose your preferred reimbursement option.

Once your claim is validated, please return the empty products. Please note that you are responsible for covering the shipping costs. Upon receipt, we will happily issue your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which products are included in the Money-back Guarantee?

All additional Beard Rollers, Activators, and Cleansers to starter Beard Growth Kit of (minimum 150 days) are included in the Money-back Guarantee.

I have multiple orders, are they all included in the Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, if you've bought items from the Beard Growth Kit (like Activators, Cleansers, and Beard Rollers) multiple times, each of these orders is covered by our Money-back Guarantee, as long as they've been in your possession for at least 150 days. However, this guarantee is a one-time offer, meaning you can only claim it once, no matter how many orders you've placed. It's designed to ensure you feel confident in trying our kit risk-free. The guarantee only applies to the main components of the kit, and additional products like The Sidekick or The Greenkeeper are not included. If you decide to use the guarantee, we'll look at all your eligible orders to process your claim. We stand by our products and want to make sure you're completely happy with your purchase. If you need to make a claim or have any questions, our customer support is here to help.

I received a Money-back Guarantee enabled product as a gift, how do I enable my growth guarantee?

The Money-back Guarantee has a submission requirement of a minimum of 1 picture per month of active use for the 150-day required period. (This means a total of 5 pictures)

How many pictures are enough?

The Money-back Guarantee has a submission requirement of a minimum of 1 picture per month of active use for the 150-day required period. (This means a total of 5 pictures)

Does the Money-back Guarantee apply to a combination of third-party products?

No, the Money-back Guarantee only applies if you start your journey with our Beard Growth kit 150-day supply. Our roller is specially designed for our Activator and we cannot guarantee its effect if supplemented with a third-party derma roller.

What defines "results" i.e. how much/little growth is enough to make a claim?

We always review each case individually and take natural growth into account when approving a growth Guarantee.

When can I make my Growth Guarantee claim and is there a deadline?

We suggest using the Beard Growth Kit for at least 150 days. Our studies indicate that this duration should give a clear view of how the kit influences your beard growth (such as new hairs sprouting in previously barren areas). if the 150 days have passed and you are still hoping for results we encourage you to continue the journey. However, you cannot claim your guarantee if you pass a timeline of 12 months after you receive your last growth-related product.

What are my reimbursement options?.

Choose between the following:

Option 1: A Fresh Start with a New Beard Growth Kit

We believe in the power of persistence and would like to offer you a second try with a brand new Beard Growth Kit, similar to the one you bought, at no additional cost to you. Sometimes, a fresh start is all it takes!

Please note that choosing new products as part of our Growth Guarantee counts as your claim, making you ineligible for a future monetary refund.

Option 2: Personal Voucher for Our Website

If you would rather try something different from our product range, we can provide a voucher for you to use on our website matching the amount you have spent on your growth products.

Option 3: Money Back (Excluding Shipping)

We understand if you prefer a refund. We will process this for the cost of the products, excluding shipping. We're here to ensure your satisfaction, regardless of the path you choose.

Once you fill out the formula on our website, you will be able to select your preferred option.

I have used the Beard Growth Kit for less than 150 days, can I get a refund?

If you have used the Beard Growth Kit for less than 150 days, you have not yet unlocked your Growth Guarantee.

Product Return Policy

The return of products is a prerequisite for receiving warranty services. This policy is implemented to ensure proper disposal of empty packaging and to facilitate studies that may contribute to the enhancement of our products in the future. Please note that customers are responsible for covering all expenses associated with the return of products. It's entirely up to you which delivery provider you choose, but the package must be sent directly to our warehouse and not to a parcel box.

Where do I download the return slip?


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Results from all CPH Grooming products, such as The Beard Growth Kit, The Hair Growth Kit, Sidekick, and Capsules, will vary by individual. Backed by scientific research, we still cannot guarantee uniform outcomes for all due to personal physiological differences. We comply with marketing regulations and platform policies, acknowledging that not everyone will achieve the anticipated benefits. This applies to our full product line. CPH Grooming offers a Growth Guarantee for a full refund if no results are observed after 150 days, under specific conditions. Please check our website for eligibility details.Before using any product, we recommend reviewing the ingredients for allergies and consulting a healthcare provider if necessary.For concerns or feedback, our customer support is here to help. Our products are designed for adult use. CPH Grooming limits liability for misuse or adverse reactions. We're committed to your grooming success and value your input to improve our products.