The Science of The Beard Growth Kit

In a 150-day study, The Beard Growth Kit has been studied for assessing the direct impact of the use of the product on improved hair density and thickness of the hair in the facial area. The study proved an average of:

94%           55%

Activated new facial hairs.          Denser beard growth.


Improved hair thickness


What is a hair growth cycle?

The human hair growth cycle consists of three phases: Anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is the active growth phase, during which the hair follicle produces new hair. This phase can last for several years.


What are "sleeping" hairs?

"Sleeping" hairs, also known as a a dormant hair is a hair follicle that is not actively growing and is appearing as a bald spot on the face. This occurs when the hair follicle has not yet progressed through any of the stages of the hair growth cycle. Thereby dormant hairs are typically characterized by the lack of visible hair shafts above the skin surface, indicating a lack of hair growth. These follicles are considered "asleep," as they are not actively producing hair.

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With the use of the Beard Growth Kit, dormant hairs can be activated, which leads to the initiation of the anagen phase and the start of hair growth. The newly activated hair can either appear as a regular beard hair or as a vellus hair, which is finer and thinner in appearance. Identifying newly activated vellus hairs can be difficult, requiring good lighting and a clean mirror for accurate observation. However, the appearance of vellus hairs indicates that the hair follicle has entered the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle, and hair growth is now underway.

The Beard Growth Kit explained

The Beard Growth Kit is the world's first kit combining the power of microneedling technology and a natural, active ingredient for better beard growth. Through this combination it maximises the benefits of biotin, arginine and most importantly; Capillia Longa. The result is a formula that effectively stimulates beard growth without any unwanted side effects. 

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150-day study of The Beard Growth Kit.

Welcome to the 150-day study on the effectiveness of The Beard Growth Kit in boosting the density of beard growth. This study aims to assess the efficacy of The Beard Growth Kit in promoting the growth of thicker and denser facial hair.Over the course of 150 days,Hamilton Laboratories have closely monitored and evaluated the progress of the participants who have been using The Beard Growth Kit as per the instructions provided.

Methods of study


Progress pictures

A Hair count is defined as the number of hairs present in a unit of an area. A hair count was done on the same area of the subjects (1 cm2) at day 0, day 30, day 90 and day 150.
Difference (D151-D0) = 5 activated hairs in one cm2
Difference (D151-D0) = 13 activated hairs in one cm2
Difference (D151-D0) = 11 activated hairs in one cm2

Density count per subject (in one cm2)

In the first graph all subjects' hair density counts are shown from day 1, day 30, day 90 and day 150.
The second graph shows average increase in hair density day 30, day 90 and day 150.

Thickness count per subject (in one cm2)

In the first graph all subjects' hair thickness counts are shown from day 1, day 30, day 90 and day 150.
The second graph shows every subject's average hair thickness count on day 1, day 30, day 90 and day 150

Study conclusion

Based on the study conducted, it has been concluded that The Beard Growth Kit has the following effects on hair growth when used regularly under the study conditions.
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94%      55%

New facial hairs          Denser beard growth


Improved hair thickness


What's inside the Beard Growth Kit


Growth progress

Some of our awesome guys have shared their progress pictures with us after they have seen amazing results by using our Beard Growth Kit. Slide to see the progress.

Did you know?

  • Most facial hair tends to grow between 0.2 and 0.3 millimeters every 24 hours.

  • The method of microneedling is formerly known from women's cosmetic. treatments,but has proven beneficial for all genders

  • Shaving toward a thicker beard is a myth. Shaving does not make your beard grow. faster or thicken it. It simply appears like this for a couple of days, since the hair is thicker at the follicle attachment.
  • The average facial area has about 30.o0o hairs - some activated, some laying in a resting phase underneath the skin.


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